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Tips for Moving Piano

Pianos are heavy and awkward and are quite valuable so it must be done with great care when moved. There are a few points that you may like to consider for the smooth transition of your piano.

When You Make Removal Booking

  • Provide us with ALL your contact numbers: Home, Work and Mobile. We will need at least one contact number for the pickup address and one for the delivery address.  
  • Advise us of any access issues, such as clearways, long walks, lifts or above ground floor pickups: Our price may need adjusting, but it is better to resolve this now than on the day of pickup.
  • Advise us of your preferred destination spot for your piano. Remember that the piano should not be located some place where it is too cold or too hot. The good spot for a piano is usually against the wall. Once the piano is set down in its place, it needs to be tuned again before it can be played.

Preparation for Moving of Piano

  • Call us if you need any step by step piano moving tips. We are sure that we can always figure out your issues.

Call for tips for moving piano

If you need further advice, please call our friendly staff.

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